Villa Artemis

Villa Holidays

DSC05726.JPGArtemis villa holidays is the ideal way to escape the crowds and enjoy your very own holiday, freedom and independence. Compared to a hotel accommodation, a holiday villa is more like a home, offers privacy and coziness and ensures an easy-living, relaxed-style vacation.

So, we invite you to imagine that you are reading your favourite summer book, sitting by the edge of your own private pool and splashing, without trying to drown out the noises of the crowded summer holiday destinations. Just you and your partner, preparing a romantic dinner with fresh local ingredients, while enjoying a glass of wine at the pool and then later have a Corfiot fruity desert, soothing your senses under the stars.DSC05640

Villa Artemis is especially suited to family holidays as well, since it offers a safe environment for you and your children. The hassle of trying to get everyone into the car to start your day belongs to the past. Those who wish to get up early, can start playing in the pool, while the lazy ones can stay in bed or lie back by the pool side, soaking up the sun around the breakfast table. Whether you would like a dip before supper or a swim to clear your head after sampling the nightlife, your private pool provides you with unlimited access to instant refreshment.

If you have met another couple or another nice family on the beach and feel like making some new summer friends, why you don’t invite them for a barbeque evening in the fully equipped BBQ facilities?

Villa Artemis offers an experience for all the senses and guaranties that every moment will become a cherished memory. So sit back, let the sun warm you and indulge yourself into the luxury of your own private villa.